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About the Author

Into His Presence was born out of personal studies of the Bible that extended over the course of more than a decade. When these studies began, Dr. Burt was a practicing physician who had taken courses at two different bible colleges. Over the course of more than forty years as a Christian, he has sat under pastors of several denominational and non-denominational churches. He has been a teaching physician at university affiliated hospitals over the course of his nearly thirty-year medical career. Driven by a personal desire to understand the truths of the Bible and a desire to develop a more intimate fellowship with the divine author of the Bible, Dr. Burt applied the study skills he had cultivated over the course of his academic career to help develop the content of Into His Presence. These books represent an academically sound, biblically accurate, student friendly approach to learning the history presented in the Bible.

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About the Series

Traditionally the Bible is read book by book, chapter by chapter. This approach can sometimes blur the ability to see the chronological sequence of the personal encounters between God and His people documented in the Bible. Into His Presence identifies hundreds of distinct encounters between God and His people. This approach makes the Bible readable from the perspective of divine encounters instead of books, chapters, and verses. By linking the people of the Bible with historically contemporary extra-biblical events and persons, Into His Presence helps students of the Bible see where these encounters between God and His people actually occurred during history. This approach better enables the student to see the historicity of the people written about in the Bible. As a result, the student of the Bible can see how the nature and attributes of God have remained consistent across time as viewed through the eyes of those who encountered Him. By identifying with the real-life encounters of the people of the Bible, each reader will see how they are drawn personally deeper Into His Presence.